I am an assistant researcher at Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Shanghai Jiao Tong University.

Research Interest: Machine learning for audio analysis and generation, multi-media understanding, time series prediction

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2011/09-2016/07 Institute of Automation, Chinese Academy of Sciences. PhD. Major in pattern recognition and intelligent system.

2007/09-2011/07 University of Science and Technology Beijing. Bachelor. Major in automation engineering.

Working Experience

2020/09-Present Assistant Researcher (SJTU)

2018/04-2020/08 Senior Staff Researcher (Kuaishou Tech.)

2016/07-2018/04 Staff Researcher (IBM Research)

Some Publications

  • Ning Zhang, Junchi Yan*. Rethinking the Defocus Blur Detection Problem and A Real-Time Deep DBD Model. European Conference on Computer Vision (ECCV 2020). (Accept) (CCF B)

  • Ning Zhang. Learning Adversarial Transformer for Symbolic Music Generation. IEEE Transactions on Neural Networks and Learning Systems (IEEE TNNLS).(Accept) doi: 10.1109/TNNLS.2020.2990746. (JCR Q1)

  • Ning Zhang, Tao Jiang, Feng Deng, Yan Li. “Automatic Singing Evaluation without Reference Melody Using Bi-dense Neural Network.” IEEE International Conference on Acoustics, Speech and Signal Processing (ICASSP). IEEE, 2019. (CCF B)

  • Ning Zhang, Junchi Yan*, Yuchen Zhou. Weakly Supervised Audio Source Separation via Spectrum Energy Preserved Wasserstein Learning. 4574-4580. IJCAI 2018. (CCF A)

  • Ning Zhang, Yali Zang, Xin Yang, Jie Tian. Define a Fingerprint Orientation Field Pattern. 23nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2016 (ICPR).

  • Ning Zhang, Xin Yang, Yali Zang, Jie Tian. Adaptive Orientation Model Fitting for Overlapped Fingerprints Separation. IEEE Transactions on Information Forensics and Security, Oct. 2014 (SCI IF=2.408)

  • Ning Zhang, Xin Yang, Yali Zang, Jie Tian. Overlapped Fingerprints Separation Based on Adaptive Orientation Model Fitting. 22nd International Conference on Pattern Recognition 2014(ICPR). (Oral Report).

  • Ning Zhang, Xin Yang, Yali Zang, Jie Tian. Generating Registration-Free Cancelable Fingerprint Templates Based on Minutia Cylinder-Code Representation. Biometrics: Theory, Applications and Systems (BTAS), 2013 IEEE Sixth International Conference on.

  • Ning Zhang, Yali Zang, Jie Tian. The Integration of Biometrics and Cryptography-A New Solution for Secure Identity Authentication. Journal of Cryptologic Research, 2(2) 2015. (CCF B)